Black Crowes
Only a Fool

Your words
Buzz around my head
You make me feel
Warm again
You are my lover,
My song,
My best friend
I don't want this
To ever end

You hold my heart
In your hands
Our home
Is like a promised land
I just want you,
Just want you to understand

Only a fool
Would let you go
Only a fool
And I should know
Only a fool
Would let you go
I need you so
Baby please don't go

When we're lying
In our big old bed
We wake up
Just to fall asleep again
When I dream
Of the time we've spent
It makes me so happy
I just can't quit

I see the love
In your eyes
It will stay there
The rest of our lives
And after that,
And after that
And over and over
And over again

I was a fool
to ever let you
leave my sight or my side,
but never again baby,
never again,
soon we'll be together forever...

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